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The ShofarNexus project is developing the Matryoshka communications model to provide secure and anonymous communications on the Internet.  Unlike many attempts to reduce your exposure of content and metadata, Matryoshka hides it all.  We live our motto “We don’t know your stuff”.

We receive no government funding or have any corporate sponsorship.  We are building a consortium of independent providers of the services so that there is no central control and no single point of compromise.

We are continuing to inch closer to delivering the fully secure product and are offering unsecure services now that are more secure than similar free services, such as those where you are the product (Gmail, Facebook, etc.).

We invite you to make use of the services that exist and grow with us.  This will give us the needed resources to deliver to you unprecedented security and anonymity on the web.

Pick one of the Portfolio providers, choose a name, and make an initial deposit.  In time this will be fully automated, but for today it may take up to 24 hours to confirm your account by hand.

If you are interested in being part of the project and providing the service yourself, contact us.  We will be delighted to welcome you aboard.

Our low level technology is sound, and now we are trying to put some polish on our user interface.  We ask for both patience and feedback.  We want to hear from you (

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Pick an independent provider at a domain name of your choice from the place in the world you desire.

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Don't Track ME!

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